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Basic Info

Welcome to Trainerspace!

A Trainerspace Personal Trainer is the embodiment of professionalism, knowledge, and strength of purpose. As a premium site, chocked full of advanced features and developed for true fitness professionals, will provide you with an instant, customized, professional website which allows prospective clients to search, select, and connect with you.  This is not a free personal trainer directory like all of the rest.  We are much MORE than that!  With Trainerspace, you will have your own website with your own URL (web address) which can be used on business cards and in advertising for only $9.95 per month (for a limited time only!) with no long term contracts or commitments.  Fill in all of the basic information below, as completely as possible, and then click on Next at the bottom of the page to complete your registration and turn on your new website!

Tell us about yourself! This is where you shine! Keep it simple and pertinent - highlighting what sets you apart.  Remember, in this "on-demand" society, most people just scan for the important information they are looking for.  Your first paragraph is what prospective clients see before choosing to "read more" and is limited to 150 words so make it count!

Details create the big picture. To get the best results (the clients best suited for you) you need to add the kinds of details to your profile that help to attract the exact type of client you want. Be honest, and shine in your areas of expertise - this will attract the perfect clientele and get you hired as a personal trainer.

No one is impressed by a boring profile and potential clients will want to feel like they "know" you before they will contact you!  Spice things up with links, pictures, and videos. You must have a live profile to complete this step so click Next, fill in your credit card information, and complete your profile. Once you do, log-in to your new website to take your profile live and then make sure you add your avatar picture immediately!  Potential clients need to SEE you so it's important to post the best picture you have of yourself!  Then add as many videos and photo albums as you'd like!  Click here to learn how to take your website to 5-Star Pro Status!  It's simple!

Cropping your photos:
You can crop an area of the image by clicking on it and dragging the mouse. As you drag the mouse you'll see the cropped area. After you have selected the desired area, click "Crop Image," and you will be able to see how the cropped image will look like. If you like your selection click on "Make Album Cover Image" and your album cover will be set.

You've got a website now so give your audience as many opportunities to follow and connect with you on their social networks as possible! Keep in mind, if your schedule is limited, don't spread yourself too thin across a multitude of sites. Rather, focus on the few that are most relevant to your audience (like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube) and keep up with them on a regular basis!