Frequently Asked


What is Trainerspace? is the largest collection of personal trainer websites in America.

Our core business service is two-fold:

  1. To allow personal trainers to instantly create a customized professional website, and
  2. To provide you, a prospective client, with the ability to simply and easily search, select, and connect with a personal trainer of your choice in your local area.

Do you have trainers in my area?

Yes.  We are nationwide and adding trainers on a daily basis!

Do your personal trainers focus on specialties?

Yes.  Our personal trainers are qualified in a broad spectrum of specialties including fitness planning, weight loss, workouts for women, nutrition, sports specific, yoga, body building, boot camps, group fitness classes, and many more.

Can I contact personal trainers directly?

Yes.  When you find a personal trainer of interest to you, contact them at your leisure by email or phone.  You can also follow them on their social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) or view more information about them on their personal website or blog, should they have them.  These links will appear on their Trainerspace website.

What do the 5 stars on the personal trainer’s Trainerspace website mean?

The star rating system shows clients the completeness of the personal trainer’s website. The more stars, the more complete. We use this to rank personal trainers in a local area. The stars do not represent the quality of the personal trainer or that Trainerspace prefers one personal trainer over another based on star total. We highly suggest you read the client testimonials and interview any trainer you are considering, prior to hiring them.

How Does it Work?

How much does it cost?

Nothing at all.  It is completely FREE for you to search for the personal trainer of your choice.

Do I have to provide my contact information in order to search for a personal trainer?

No.  Your search is completely anonymous.  Trainers will not see who is searching for them.  When you find a trainer that you'd like to work with, contact them at your leisure by email or phone.

Should my personal trainer be certified?

While it’s not a legal necessity that a personal trainer be certified, the most reputable and professional personal trainers have taken the time and initiative to earn a certification and keep it up to date. Click here to check out many of the most reputable certification programs.

Do you verify personal trainers’ certifications?

Yes.  Trainerspace strives to verify all personal trainers; however, we currently only have partnership agreements in place with the following certification companies:  NSCA, IFPA, WFA. These partnerships give us the ability to verify personal trainers’ certifications through the company. If a personal trainer’s certification has been verified, the logo of their certifying company will be on their Trainerspace website. We are continually working with certification companies to expand our ability to verify our personal trainers.

What if there are no personal trainers in my area?

We are constantly adding personal trainers to our database. Please click here if you would like to be notified when there is a personal trainer in your area.

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